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Economical Ccd Camera

economical ccd camera

    ccd camera
  • A Charge Coupled Device, or CCD camera, converts light into electrical charges. This type of camera is used often in astrophotography.

  • A charge-coupled device (CCD) is a device for the movement of electrical charge, usually from within the device to an area where the charge can be manipulated, for example conversion into a digital value. This is achieved by "shifting" the signals between stages within the device one at a time.

  • Short for "charge-coupled device." A CCD is a light-sensitive electronic detector widely used in making astronomical images. Sensitive over a wide range of wavelengths, and much more efficient than emulsion in gathering light, CCDs are often used to image extremely faint objects.

  • Giving good value or service in relation to the amount of money, time, or effort spent

  • (of a person or lifestyle) Careful not to waste money or resources

  • avoiding waste; "an economical meal"; "an economical shopper"; "a frugal farmer"; "a frugal lunch"; "a sparing father and a spending son"; "sparing in their use of heat and light"; "stinting in bestowing gifts"; "thrifty because they remember the great Depression"; "`scotch' is used only informally"

  • Using no more of something than is necessary

  • economic: using the minimum of time or resources necessary for effectiveness; "an economic use of home heating oil"; "a modern economical heating system"; "an economical use of her time"

  • Careful with money so as not to spend too much; prudent; thrifty; Relating to economy in any other sense

economical ccd camera - Wera Kraftform

Wera Kraftform Classic 1734/6 Economical Screwdriver Set, 6-Piece

Wera Kraftform Classic 1734/6 Economical Screwdriver Set, 6-Piece

Wera Kraftform Classic 6 Piece Screwdriver set is designed for the do-it-yourself user. Wera Classic hand tools feature the Kraftform one-component handle that fits the shape to the hand so the whole hand is in contact with the handle, erasing the physical stresses of screwdriving. Wera Black Point tip and hardening process guarantee a long service life and increased corrosion protection. Anti-roll protection at base of handle stops screwdrivers from rolling away at workplace. Limited Life Time Warranty. Set contains 4 Slotted - 9/64”, 5/32”, 7/32”, 1/4" and 2 Phillips - PH1 and PH2. Wera – The Best Tools For The Job!

89% (17)

Photographic Lens Assemblies

Photographic Lens Assemblies

Manual photographic lenses for large format CCD imaging and line scan cameras in standard and custom designs. Complete line of off-the-shelf, manual photographic lenses with various focal lengths, which are an economical alternative for large format CCD imaging applications and line scan cameras.

The new lens assemblies meet demands for special applications which need CCD sensors larger than 1 inch (16 mm: diagonal), up to 35mm film size with 6144 elements on a 7 micron pitch (43.3mm: diagonal). Lenses are available with U mount or Nikon F mount in a variety of focal lengths: From wide 24mm (F/2.8), to telephoto 500mm (F/8.0), to a 28-300mm zoom lens (F/4.0-6.3).

economical crisis advice

economical crisis advice

don't stop. proceed straight to your strategic goals. but be aware that you are going uphill.
sometimes it's so difficult to forget what's my normal job every day...

economical ccd camera

economical ccd camera

Joseph Schumpeter and Dynamic Economical Change: Capitalism as "Creative Destruction" (Great Economic Thinkers) (Library Edition)

Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950) viewed capitalism as a dynamic engine of progress. In his view, mature economic systems find a regular and stable routine of supply, demand, and exchange; Schumpeter called this the “circular flow.” Entrepreneurs interrupt this circular flow with new ideas and visions about the economic future, recombining existing resources to create new and more valuable products and services.
Schumpeter called capitalism a process of “creative destruction” because it overthrows old routines and methods of production. But he recognized that this process is unstable, and therefore unsettling, for those who have become accustomed to established ways. Schumpeter predicted growing political opposition to capitalism and a corresponding growth in socialism in the twentieth century.

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