10 megapixel camera phones : Ge digital camera a950 : Rebel camera accessories.

10 Megapixel Camera Phones

10 megapixel camera phones

    megapixel camera
  • Megapixel Cameras are IP (or Network) based cameras built around Megapixel technology. These cameras produce large, hi-resolution images. The quality of a Megapixel image is usually very high and can be used for print applications.

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Now available in Letterbox

i've become a bad little graphic designer.. that's right. I enjoy cropping photos using Picnik and messing with it's filters.. rather than load anything in photoshop. I mean, that is besides the fact having my phone around to take low-res shots...I don't even bother to get out the 10 megapixel camera :P

I have alot to handle this year, I'm hoping in 2010 I can get a real camera and take some real fun shots... till then.. I'll make the most out of the simplest (FREE) tools :B

Phone Pic - Some Sharpie markers ~ 10 mins & a willingness to procrastinate ...

Phone Pic - Some Sharpie markers ~ 10 mins & a willingness to procrastinate ...

Some Sharpie markers ~ 10 mins & a willingness to procrastinate ...

10 megapixel camera phones

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