Near Ir Camera

near ir camera

    ir camera
  • An IR Camera is nothing more then a digital or film based camera which has had the IR filter removed and replaced with a filter that is designed to block all visible light.

near ir camera - Bigc Dino-Lite

Bigc Dino-Lite Portable, handheld Dino-Lite Digital Microscope / Camera (Near infrared lighting)

Bigc Dino-Lite Portable, handheld Dino-Lite Digital Microscope / Camera (Near infrared lighting)

The Dino-Lite model AM413FIT is a unique digital microscope camera with built in "near infrared" (NIR) LED, low heat output lighting in addition to all of the other standard features found in the AM413 series such as 1.3MP resolution, 10-230X magnification, calibratable measurement features, light on/off switch and much more. The AM413FIT enables the user to examine and differentiate NIR reflective and non-reflective objects and surfaces under magnification for unique contrast analysis without the damaging heat and disruptive glare of traditional lighting. The near infrared (NIR) lighting can be switched on/off, providing the versatility required for use as an indispensible analytical tool in law enforcement forensics to identify modified documents, biomedical tissue analysis and pharmaceutical / chemical component differentiation as well as the inspection and documentation of the fine arts and antiquities. Included with each Dino-Lite digital microscope is a copy of the "DinoCapture" software, enabling you to "capture" either a photograph, video or time-lapsed video with a simple click!

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20090819194959(5)IR a(1)rsz

20090819194959(5)IR a(1)rsz

Unseen with human eyes, these are a sample of what is around in the infrared light spectrum of some 808nm to 820nm
frequency range, illuminated and videoed up to 3,000meters away.

Some have enhanced colour imagery with computer so you may see in varied degrees, no image shapes have been altered or added to, this is the actual video capture.
Only seen in the IR camera, not with naked eyes.....interesting?

Added Notation Feb. 2010:-
These are now listed as "Dimensional Entities" by myself and research has shown them to be capable of intelligent interaction and most likely "thought reception" as I now interact with them on a regular basis, including there appearance, display and shape changing for understanding and education. This includes responses to my light signals in visible light and near infrared.
They are capable of visible display in our dimension as shown on many of my videos, day and night sky and some within meters of me whilst videoing.

Unfortunately our so called scientific academia are still unable to acknowledge their ignorance and assist me with this ground breaking work in quantum physics exploration. Maybe because none of them have the ability to see what I see? Maybe because it doesn't fit in with there "theories" Who knows?

IR-land Panorama (Knowth)

IR-land Panorama (Knowth)

One of the photos that is currently showing in our husband/wife show entitled "A Shared Love" at the South Shore Conservatory. This is a 5,000 year old tomb near Newgrange in County Meath. Shot using a Betterlight panoramic adapter and my Linhof.

Location: County Meath Ireland
Camera: Linhof Technikardan
Type: Infrared
Digital Back: BetterLight
Lens: 120mm
Resolution: 6,000 x 20,000 pixels
Exposure: approximately 5 minutes @ f32

12"x30" image on 18"x36" sheet, edition of 40
18"x45" image on 24"x51" sheet, edition of 30
24"x60" image on 30"x66" sheet, edition of 20
30"x75" image on 36"x81" sheet, edition of 10

near ir camera

near ir camera

Toshiba IK-7100A-3.6 Analog Bullet Camera, 480 TV Lines, 3.6mm Lens, 12V DC, IP66, Built in IR LEDs

Introducing a cost-effective means to capture images in all lighting environments — whether it’s near complete darkness, uneven light, or even in bright direct sunshine. Equipped with 16 long-range IR LEDs, IK-7100A Sereis cameras generate outstanding, high-resolution video images where other cameras can’t. They deliver the enhanced capabilities, realiability and ease-of-installation that you have been searching for in an ultracompact bullet camera. Proven backlight compensation and auto white balance meet the high requirements of detail-intensive applications, while digital signal processing and day/night imaging complete the value package to assure excellent images around-theclock. Plus, they can be installed virtually anywhere, indoors or outdoors thanks to a IP66 housing that withstands demanding all types of weather conditions.

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